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Lithia (Elizabeth)
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  • Mood: Agony


  • Mood: Agony
Just noticed I have 300+ deviations... Go me!
Rant... Please read? I want opinions!

Okay, so my REAL name is Elizabeth (according to my American birth certificate). That's cool, I was named after queens and shit. My nickname (preferred) is Lithia. Given by me, for me because it feels right. My nickname, that most people irl know me as, (don't call me this) is Libby. Given to me by my mom after someone I've never even met let alone give a fuck about.

My mom doesn't like the fact that I have given myself a NICKNAME. It's not like I want to legally change my name or anything! I mean a few days ago she said she didn't care if I asked people to call me that, but tonight she was all "I really don't like that" and "do you even care about the fact the name Libby has meaning to me?" The answer to that last question is no by the way.

Some people ask why I want a new nickname. Simple, I don't feel like myself as Libby. Yeah, I grew up with that name, but I am discovering who I am now and I am NOT Libby. Libby feels so immature and doesn't me feel good about myself. Let's not get into the fact that I don't feel my real age at all.

This isn't about defying my mom either. Like, I really wish she would just accept this part of my life. She reluctantly supports me liking anime because it's what ties me to my closest friends (you know who you are *cough cough* :iconoliverblack756: *cough cough*).

But this situation also really bothers me... When things like this happen, I wonder what kinds of things my mom WOULD accept from me. Like, what if I was planning on coming out? Not actually, but you get the picture. If this is how she would respond to just a name, how am I supposed to go to her for support on more important matters? I can't.

Also, my mom has stated TWICE that "it's JUST a name." Well, I want to argue this on both sides, both against her. If this was JUST a name then she should let it go and call me by Elizabeth if she didn't like Lithia. On the other side, a name shouldn't be taken lightly. Don't deny it, when you hear a name for the first time you assess what kind of person they are (or at least I do. Lithia, to me, tells my story and holds a bunch of meanings behind it.

If you read this rant, please comment what you think below! This is really important to me!

A/N: I may or may not have forgotten if Dagmar was Reader-chan's male or female guard so from now on Dagmar is a he (and Frey a she)!

    (Name) is a nightfury? Was she the nightfury we found in the woods? She had to be, Hiccup thought as his eyes wide in disbelief. He found himself inarticulate when he saw Frey and Dagmar turn into the two dragons from earlier. "I-I u-uh... U-um...?" I stuttered.
    The nightfury, I mean (Name), growled at my acts of stupidity and jerked her head as if to say, "Get on."
    It seemed to Dagmar that (Name) was committing stupid acts as well when he growled at (Name). They argued (by growling) for a few minutes. It seemed to be along the lines of, "A simple human peasant will not ride on your back!" and so forth.
    I think (Name) had enough of her "lecture" when she slowly made her way towards me. In a split second, my vison was obscured with black dragon scales, and I was picked up by the scruff of my neck. I felt my feet lift off the ground, and I knew I was airborne being carried in a dragon's mouth..
    I looked to (Name) who was flying towards the entrance to the castle. "Was that really necessary?" I asked her, but she just rolled her eyes.

    I looked back to the ground to see that Frey and Dagmar had taken off a ways behind us. Dagmar looked as though he wanted to cook me, but he couldn't risk hitting his princess or upset her wrath would fall upon him. "If you guys are done, we can go inside now. I have things to do," (Name) mentioned impatiently.

    I had been so busy making sure I hadn't been "accidently" pushed off the castle ledge, I hadn't noticed (Name) revert back to her human body. Not only was she back in human form, but her black clothing from earlier that day were replaced by black leather pants, combat boots and a (favorite color) top with (second favorite color) straps crossing in the front and back.
    (Name)'s new clothes fit her perfectly. Her pants hugged her waist and her top was very formfitting. Basically, (Name) looked amazing and badass. "Woah," I breathed as drink in her appearance.
    "Alright, let's go. A reminder before we go in: don't even think about touching anything (least favorite color)," (Name) warned leaving me confused at the entrance.
    "Let's go sweetie," Frey, who'd not spoken up until that point, pushed. "By the way, if you value your life, never let Dagmar see you oogling at (Name) like that again."
    I looked over my shoulder to see Dagmar sharpening his nails to a deadly point. When he looked up, I frantically turned away and shuffled inside.

    The moment I stepped through the large archway, I could feel (and see) the separating and tension in the room. Everything inside the room was symmetrical except for one tiny thing. Half the room was (favorite color) and the other half was (least favorite color). Even the clothing the guards were wearing were one color of the other on respective sides of the room.
    When I turned to Frey, only then did I notice that her and Dagmar's clothes were very similar to (Name)'s.

    "Why-" I started.
    "Just shut up and touch something (favorite color)."
    "Do I need to throw a lamp at your face?!"

    Dagmar didn't seem to appreciate my curiousness. Sighing, I turned to my right and poked a (f/c) sofa. Suddenly, I felt a tickling sensation on my neck. When the feeling went away the looked at my neck in a mirror.
    Now, a (f/c) circular tattoo with a (first initial) inside it was adorned on my pale skin. "Welcome Hiccup, to the last family of Nightfury shifters. I, (Name)(Last Name), will serve as your rightful queen."

Hiccup-X-Reader |The Dragon Girl| pt.5
Short and infrequent uploads... Sorry guys, I don't really want to finish this, but I know people like it so I'm pulling through! I really don't know how I will end this fanfic so later I will probs ask for suggestions but you need to know more of the story! 

Sorry for any typos! Comment and I'll fix them!

Next: I have no idea when...

Story plot © Me
HTTYD © Dreamworks
So today I meet this dude. A very attractive dude. He is my friend's exchange student from France. We were volunteering at a vendor booth for a thing. HE WAS VERY HOT AND CUTE AND FRENCH. So being the creepy person I am, I found his Facebook through my friend's account. I friended him. It was accepted. 


me: Hi.


Then later, I sent.............

me: Just going to say: I find you attractive. I love your accent and you seem very nice. I know you're 16 and in a domestic partnership (I don't know what that is)(I looked at your profile. Sorry if that's creepy) but I thought I'd let you know! Goodnight.




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